Hector Espinal & Adam Francique


New York City, 2016 — Selling out in 3 days on their first three drops, these two runners have figured out how to mesh the fast growing international running movement with the strongest culture known to fashion, Hip-Hop & Pop Culture.

Never Not Bootleggin’ (NNB-NYC) started off as a means to an end. Hector Espinal (@Hecisdead) really wanted a t-shirt he saw on an Instagram page but the person ignored him. He brought it up to friend and running partner, Adam Francique (@Adamrunsnyc), who quickly assured him that it could recreated. They only had to worry about getting it printed. Hector and Adam made 3 samples of the shirt with no intentions of EVER selling, but once the running community caught wind of what they were doing, the DMs got flooded with requests. The two thought, “Who are we to say no to masses?” That first design was the Anti Running Running Club. Selling out in 3 days, this first drop sparked the minds of the two re-creators to brand, keep building, keep bootleggin’. During the recent popularity of the running culture, runners were use to wearing active gear at the after race parties. Now, thanks to Adam and Hector, they sport a NNB-NYC shirt, making sure to keep up with Hip-Hop, Pop culture and running at the same damn time.

“We are receiving requests from runners and non-runners to re-open sales of our first two drops. This means running is becoming dope again for veterans and first timers.”

Nothing Is Safe

Photographer: Kevin Gil 

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