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Founder and ex-skater Lev Tanju started the London powerhouse Palace in 2009 the same way most movements begin, with a dollar and a dream. After being tired of how his skater friends were being treated by the bigger skateboarding brands, he decided to start his own path giving his friends a creative outlet to be themselves and just skate. These days Palace has become a staple in all things culture from music, fashion, and streetwear.

We at Never Not Bootleggin’ (NNB) decided to take on the Palace logo and give it a twist that would resonate with runners globally the same way Palace has. We understood their values and how they rule these streets. From United Kingdom to New York City, we both hit the streets with the same purpose, putting the skating and running culture first, while everything else follows. Running and skateboarding are one in alike. Tracks and skate parks couldn’t confine us. As a result, we now own these streets. We were once outcasts, considered weirdos. We’re often told where to skate and how fast to run, but things changed for both of us. We stopped listening, and started owning. We began to own our place and our PACE. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your first mile or your last marathon, your PACE has always been important to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, urban, sub-elite, or elite runner, your PACE will always be important to you.

So skaters and runners, we’re coming in hot, on and off the pavement.
Whether you’re skating or running. Shredding these streets or at the skatepark.
Own your place.
Own your PACE.

Available Thursday April 6th at 12:01AM EST for 48hrs only (or until 48 pieces are sold out). Get notified here.

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